Help to play:

Move your pen with your mouse. Left click to pick or place color.
Color can be picked on the palette on the bottom of the screen & can be placed on your draw on the top right of the screen.

If it is to difficult you can click (?) button that will display cross over bad pixel or choose a lower difficulty.

If your stuck:
Don't read next lines if you haven't tried level 2 at least once!
Frenchzebutt is really really hard to defeat by playing fair, the easiest way to win is to place a pixel in his drawing as he it doing with your drawing.
You can also press M to win a level.

Made by Hydrolien & Optimalystic

Code aviable on Github

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withlibGDX
Tagsfrenchzebutt, java, libGDX, Pixel Art, pixel-war
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes


Pixelary (Need Java 17)

Development log


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Good game! It was hilarious when Frenchzebutt started to paint on my part! But the funniest thing was when i understood that i can paint on his part xD

Rated it, rate mine, please!

Verey fnunny gameme and greart exescustion!


Love the idea and execution but... Why were the two yellows so close in color? I was like 2 inches from my monitor lol. Great job!

I've tried to avoid as much as possible similar color. It was looking way more ugly with only 1 yellow, sorry for that difficulty depending of color screen quality.


super super super fun, so creative idea. Really great. And love the way  Frenchzebutt annoys us by ruining our drawings :D


Great Game Mechanic -  I kept drawing over Frenchzeebutt*s Image for Minutes


This was mindblowing! Really great game :D

PS: I hate you Frenchzebutt


Very innovative. Funny, funny funny stuff! Voice acting and character design is superb.


I love this. What a great concept. This was probably one of the most unique and interesting  libGDX jam games I've seen. and it fits perfectly with the theme as well. While it does get pretty difficult. Who cares? Especially when you realize you can just scribble all over the other size and slow them down. Amazing Job!

 I'm glad you enjoyed the mechanics of the game!

Thanks for sharing it, it brightens up my day!

Beelzebitzel or whatever his name is won. I didn't have the power to compete for the cursed pineapple. I never touched M because I might disable achievements.

End level 2 is already hard enoth ๐Ÿ‘
M will only take you the satisfation of ending the game but will end lvl 3 & display end screen (Nothing incredible, exept Frenchzebutt is sad to have lost).

you can draw in the reference painting yourself. paint the cursed pineapple white and you win.

I wanted to punch my opponent. To preserve my mental health, I had to bow out. I really liked the concept, a lot of fun. I liked the fact that I could simply cheat back on him. 

Very nice!


This is a really unique game! I was lured in by the first level. The second level is so much harder, I didn't beat it lol. And I absolutely love the sabotage mechanic you added into this. Makes it so much more interesting than it already is! Great game!


You can try in easy or very easy and with the help (button (?))

I did, I couldn't beat it with that as well. I spent my whole time sabotaging him that I didn't work on my own piece lol

A. I will care more about difficulty balance in my next jam๐Ÿ˜…

Ah no, I love the difficulty personally, I'm just bad lol

Loved it! Even though he's not fair, I outplayed him! ha! GG!

Nice job !


Very good game. It's a masterpiece

I'm glad you liked it!